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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Carbon tax wrong for P.E.I.

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Carbon taxes are simply another excuse for socialist governments, both federally and provincially, to add another tax. Rather than debate this socialist tax grab as a re-distribution of income (which it is), or quibble about the amount of money given back to those who have been robbed as a vote buying subsidy (which it also is), political leaders should instead be debating why the carbon tax was implemented in the first place?

Carbon tax in any form is absolutely unnecessary and will never accomplish any reduction in carbon emissions, unless and until the rest of the world complies with the Paris Accord. No compliance protocol was ever established, therefore, no enforcement will occur. Even if compliance is met voluntarily by the entire world there are many scientists that suggest it will do little to prevent global warming or any other perceived environmental issue.

Consider these facts. 60 per cent of total carbon-based emissions are generated by six countries, the U.S., China, India, Russia, Japan and Germany. The U.S. is the largest emitter at between 14.34 and 14.75 per cent, and has walked away from the Paris Accord. The remaining five countries generate an average of 9.2 per cent of these emissions. According to my research, only Japan has implemented a carbon tax. Australia’s carbon tax was discontinued after time and research confirmed its absurdity.

Perhaps Green Party of P.E.I. can explain why we in tiny little, apologetic, hand-wringing Canada, generating a paltry 1.54 per cent of emissions, with the most energy-efficient oil and natural gas production and processing industry in the entire world are implementing carbon taxes?

The cost of living for all Islanders and Canadians will increase; for the poor disproportionately so. Schools and hospitals will pay more. So will businesses. Prices for everything from groceries to transit will increase.

Meanwhile, governments will rake in billions of dollars in new revenue.

None of this pilfering from consumers, however, will deliver the environmental benefits promised by the Green Party.

Meanwhile, there is a real discussion to be had about climate change and measures that can help. The Green Party of P.E.I.’s carbon tax endorsement, however, is at best a regressive, ineffective cash grab, not a climate change solution. So I commend Leader of the Opposition James Aylward and the P.E.I. PC Party for speaking out against this tax and encourage him to join Premier Moe, Ford and soon to be premier Kenny in standing up for taxpayers and our economy.

Jeffery Warren Reynolds,


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