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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bus children roll in to new ‘centre’

Bus kids are vulnerable and so require special care. Bus drivers may not just let them off wherever it is convenient.

By taking the job of bus driver they enter into a contract with the school administration to keep the children safe. We couldn't have a driver just dumping them all off at the closest mall because it is easier for him or because the children are stressing him out. We expect bus drivers to realize that the children in the bus are a sacred trust from parents.

Let's be consistent. The very act of bringing children into this world in the first place works the same way. When God planned for human life, He made provision for the miracle of procreation and clearly explained the terms of His contract with those who would be involved. It is the marriage contract - and to parents (not the state) God entrusts precious children. Life begins at conception and so does the sacred trust. The unborn are still children; They are just younger children. If you don't want to be a "bus driver" then don't participate in the contract. But once a child is on board you are committed.

Look where we are today. Government leaders have taken the side of "bus drivers" (as it were) who are at war with the administration in heaven. What must God think of a decision to seize 5 million dollars from the families of Prince Edward Island and construct a facility to accommodate operators who find the children on board an inconvenience. What rights everyone claims to have today - except for those unfortunates who can't stand up for themselves. Everybody knows that even if you own your own bus, your right to do what you want with it changes the moment you take a human being on board.

No doubt the "clinic" will be an attractive facility that will politely avoid frank talk about what happens to the bus children taken there. Even its name will be all about the needs of the drivers. They can come and go without creating a ripple in the community outside its walls (who paid for it all), and who can continue their peaceful lives.

Ian Kurylyk



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