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Letter to the editor: A little clarity please

Could Premier Wade MacLaughlan please explain the meaning of "Open and Transparent:?” I thought he meant that his government would listen to the people of the Island, and that they would not hide the workings of the government. I don't believe this government is doing either of these things.

It seems that (in his words) he has the support of his caucus and has decided he knows best.

I offer the following to support my view: (1) e-gaming, (2) Wood Island Ferry, the life-blood of many Islanders, (3) school hearings (4) Cornwall bypass, (5) farmer's concerns, (6) the Plebiscite on Electoral Reform. 

Does the premier’s response to these issues indicate to you that we have an open and transparent government?

I believe that we should not be so complacent a people as to accept what we have every right to expect from the people that we elect and whom we pay to better the lives of each and every Islander.

Harriet Worden,


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