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LETTER: Time is now to speak out on deep water wells

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

It appears the Irvings are pressuring the government of P.E.I. to lift the moratorium on deep-water wells. Our government looks to be sympathetic to this cause.

I believe this to be a serious issue as we need to protect and preserve our ground water supply.

The next provincial election should be fought on this issue. I urge residents of P.E.I. to question both the governing and the opposition parties as to their stand on this matter.

If you are against lifting the moratorium then get a commitment from them that they will oppose this very wrong move. Now’s the time, before the next election; it may be too late afterwards.

The Irvings view is that during a dry spell, farmers need to irrigate potato fields to obtain a better yield. If it’s a dry spell that also means our private home wells are also in danger of going dry. Massive pumping of water onto potato fields will deplete our underground streams. Do we want our private wells going dry to satisfy the Irving quest for more profits?

John Burrows,
County Line Road

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