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LETTER: Time for citizens to notice

['Letter to the editor']
['Letter to the editor']

I have written many letters over the past number of months and appreciate all that the Journal Pioneer has done in printing my views. My understanding is letters to the editor must be factual and not defame any one or any institution.

I have recently written on the proposed new Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, suggesting to Summerside City Council they would be very smart to move forward on being the first city to have such legislation passed on P.E.I.

This is the only province in Canada without this legislation. I have also challenged the members of City of Summerside council to justify their 22-24 per cent raises since elected. Further, I voiced my opinion on why the City of Summerside should have a forensic audit completed by an off-Island firm. The city doing its own book review will not satisfy the many unanswered questions. The citizens of the city are paying very high taxes, and deserve an independent assessment of every dollar and project. These simple inquiries require simple answers. To date Mayor Bill Martin and council are showing they think they have some kind of entitlement. This council, similar to actions shown in Charlottetown recently, is disgraceful government. Elected officials paid by the taxpayers do not seem to be answerable to anyone. The taxpayers of both cities will determine who qualifies to be re-elected. My only hope is that the public sits up and takes notice, to what appears to be mismanagement, no transparency, accountability and trust at best.

David Griffin


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