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LETTER: Thank you Fishers

An anonymous letter arguing against proposed accessory apartments is making the rounds in Charlottetown.
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On behalf of the Wester Gulf Fishermen’s Association, we could like to thank all of our lobster and snow crab fishers for the effort that each industry took to put measures in place to help reduce the amount of rope in the ocean. Both industries so far this year have been very lucky that we had no entanglements of marine mammals. Some of the measures that were put in place did cause some problems for the crab industry, but the fishers were able to work around closed zones and as of now, 98 per cent of our crab fishers are off the water.

The initiatives that the lobster fishers took to reduce 23 per cent of the rope used in the water fishery should help the industry to retain no entanglements as both industries worked with working groups and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in 2018.

We do understand that the Fisheries Minister had to make some tough decisions regarding the North Atlantic Right Whales and most important to ensure that all international markets remain open to lobster and crab exports. We hope to work with the Fisheries and Oceans and all right whale committees to be able to initiate measures to allow continued survival of all fisheries and marine mammals.

In closing, I would like to thank the fishers, the PEIFA board of directors, staff and all community members.


Craig Avery


Western Gulf Fishermen’s Association

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