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LETTER: Something from which to learn

['Letter to the editor']
['Letter to the editor']

Further to my article on introducing pharmacare into the Canadian medicare system (Journal Pioneer - June 7, 2017), readers may be interested to learn that the state of California has just proposed its own comprehensive "single-payer" state medicare program to replace Obamacare which is being gutted and eliminated by the Trump administration.

In short, rather than waiting for a new nationwide health plan, California, like Saskatchewan in the early 1960s, will go it alone and introduce its own comprehensive health program.

Canadians have much to learn from the comprehensive design of California's proposed universal medicare program. Not only will it include medicare (doctors and hospitals) as in Canada, it will also include pharmacare, dentalcare, and visioncare. This is truly a model to be emulated.

The new comprehensive California medicare program will be financed based on rebates from existing U.S. federal government health programs and a new 2.3 per cent state sales tax. You get what you pay for.

Richard Deaton, 

Stanley Bridge

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