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LETTER: Schools decision needs review

Letters to the Editor.
Letters to the Editor.

My five-year-old goes to Bloomfield Elementary school, one of the five schools being affected by the recommended closures. I am beyond devastated about this. Since I had my daughter, I could not wait for her to attend Bloomfield school, and I am looking forward to enrolling my youngest there also when she is old enough.

We made sure we bought a house where it was going to be possible for her to be able to attend Bloomfield. This school is amazing, I cannot say enough good things about it.

We made sure we bought a house where it was going to be possible for her to be able to attend Bloomfield. This school is amazing, I cannot say enough good things about it.

You may think closing the school is going to benefit everyone, but did the students or teachers even come across your mind once while making this decision? Where will all these teachers go, will they lose their jobs? What about the students? Did you think of them? They have friends, and teachers whom they love. How is taking them away from something they know so well helping them? They will be confused and upset, maybe even angry. My daughter is five, and once she finds out about these changes, she is going to very upset. I really hope you take everything in to consideration when making your decision on closing this wonderful school.

I have nothing against other schools, and fully understand that some changes need to be made due to numbers, however why close a school that is doing so well? Many students at Bloomfield live in O’Leary, and could easily go to O’Leary school, however it was the decision their parents made to put them in Bloomfield, if parents prefer that school, then why take it away? Yes it may be a rural school, but did you ever think maybe that is why it does so well? It is not just one community, there are multiple communities in one, and it brings parents together. To the person or persons making the final decision, I think you should really visit these schools you are trying to close, I think then your eyes would be opened.

You say that numbers are low? Well how can you use that for a defence? French schools across the Island have low numbers as well, and they go from Grades 1 – 12, and I don’t see any recommendations on closing those schools. Some Grade 12 classes in them only graduate with 2-10 kids. Yes it may be an all-French school, however does it really make a difference?

So if these schools can stay open with small numbers, and no one says anything, why close the English schools with small numbers? Especially an English school where the numbers are great. If you choose to close one, why wouldn’t it be one where numbers are low? Would it not make more sense to impact fewer students and teachers? Especially a school where the students will now be divided into two different schools, and loose most of their friends along the way.

Bloomfield staff have been amazing to my daughter, and I am sure you would get that same sentence from a lot of parents with children in this school, their school atmosphere is wonderful, as a parent you just know it is an amazing school the minute you walk in the door.

With all of this being said, I really hope this decision is made based on what is truly best for the kids, and not make it with dollar signs in your eyes.

Tiffany Richard,

Springfield West

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