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LETTER: School of embarrassment

['letter to the editor']
['letter to the editor']

It seems that every community may be entitled to a school regardless of enrolment and cost projections when the political will is lacking.

As a former elected school trustee, I admire Pat Mella. Her resignation was the right thing to do. In a classic political manoeuvre, she and her fellow trustees were duped. They did their work, probably incurred the wrath of the communities involved, only to have the rug pulled out from under them. We probably won't know just how self-serving this process has been to politicians of all stripes until the next election gets under way.

Understandably, parents and children love their community and wish everything to remain as is. For them the prospect of change hurts. It also may not be necessary until their children have passed through the system. Politicians and educators, on the other hand, do have a responsibility to consider the facts about a declining school population base.

Innovative programing and leading edge educators and instructors naturally gravitate to schools that have a growing student base. That is where the resources will manifest and produce the highest standards available. It is a disservice to our students to ignore this.

Percy Affleck,

Lower Bedeque

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