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LETTER: Rural health and woodpeckers

In the Souris area, if one is unfortunate enough to become ill in an evening or on a weekend, it is highly unlikely they will have a clinic to attend. People are told not to visit emergency services, thus their only choice would be to travel to a Charlottetown clinic.

We have better veterinarian access in Kings County than human healthcare.

This past year a visiting locum doctor wanted to work weekends and offer clinics. Health P.E.I. refused to allow it as it would be an extra cost. He volunteered to do it free, and they still refused on the grounds of the cost of the extra staff. The staff agreed to volunteer their services and they were still refused. This dispels all arguments of extra cost. Can someone at Health P.E.I. please explain this to me?

Health P.E.I. has an administration level three (3) times the national average. In Canada’s smallest province, our healthcare system is operating in a state of mayhem even in our urban centers. With that much staff, how can we be in such a state? Obviously, one has to look at the ministerial and CEO level. Those in charge are failing miserably on their responsibilities to all of us and it is unacceptable. From our aging parents through to our grandchildren – we all deserve so much better than this.

The premier and cabinet surround themselves with appointed committees. They receive honorariums and become “rubber stamps” to proclaim the doctrine of their leader, all nodding their heads in approval looking much like woodpeckers seeking a tasty treat.

Health P.E.I., the Standing Committee on Health and MP Lawrence MacAulay have heard our presentation, no action! Nobody appears to be listening, or are they controlled by a powerful establishment that wants everything centralized in Charlottetown?

If Islanders want a change in the front lines of healthcare delivery, we must ensure there are changes at the top – the woodpeckers aren’t getting the job done. We can do better.

Fred Cheverie,


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