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LETTER: RE break and enters in Summerside

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I would like to clarify comments in a recent Letter to the Editor. In the category ‘Crimes Against Property,’ this would include B & E's, thefts, bicycle thefts, theft from a motor vehicle, shoplifting, theft of motor vehicle, possession of stolen property, damage to property, fraud, & forgery, thus the 93 reports for March. We certainly realize that one B & E is one too many, but there were not 93 B & E’s reported in March.

In the category of B & E's it would include into a business, residence, unlawfully in a dwelling, shed, and a fenced-in compound. There was a total of four B & E’s reported in January, one in February and seven in March 2018.

J. David Poirier

Chief of Police

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