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LETTER: No need to apologize

['letter to the editor']
['letter to the editor']

I fail to see any reason from reading the article Journal Pioneer reporter Millicent McKay has written why restaurant owner Paul MacGregor should be expected to retract anything he has said or close his Facebook page.

Holding a moral position on any matter is not the same as hating people - no matter how many times it is said.

Many people believe adultery is wrong too, but this does not mean they hate anybody. What I do see is bullying by the LGBT community and an attack on MacGregor's right to hold a moral viewpoint without consulting the strange oracles of political correctness.

Other private businesses have adopted the opposite position and expressed public support for the morals and symbols of the LGBT movement. They are not under any pressure to change or recant even though they offend countless people who have Christian or traditional moral values.

But why should public servants and public space give special status to anybody in this diverse community we hear so much about?

Those who would pressure him to silence are only contributing to further decay in the rights of free speech. This promotes a kind of rule by political correctness and those who control it. Besides, he makes the best fish and chips in this part of the country and I can't imagine any sensible person losing out on that because of this disagreement.

Ian Kurylyk,


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