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LETTER: New burden unfair

Carbon Tax
Carbon Tax

Let me get this straight: The federal government is proposing to require the provinces to impose an additional provincial tax: a new "carbon tax" to protect the environment.

Here in P.E.I. the government would be required to impose a new tax of some 15 per cent on gas, oil, electricity, and possibly on the sale of items using such energy. The "plan" being that this increased cost would force Island consumers to reduce the use of fossil fuels and thus protect the environment.

The problem as I see it is, that like most others, I cannot reduce my use of gas, oil and electricity, thus would not contribute in any way to reduce my environmental "footprint."

Additionally, I have read some studies referring to similar taxes being imposed in other countries with little or no success. I would imagine that provincial governments are positively salivating at the thought of the extra money likely coming to them, whether it helped the environment or not. Therefore I would ask the premier and his government to demonstrate some moral fibre for a change and resist this proposed tax burden as unfair. 

Gary Naylor ,

Victoria West

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