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LETTER: Municipal secrecy bad for all

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

"Secrecy in municipal councils, always leave a dark cloud over everyone."

I am glad City of Charlottetown employees have joined UPSE, as opposed to continuing on with VACE. Everyone has their own opinions on unions in the workplace. Clearly, unions are in place to protect workers. Some thing has gone awry in Charlottetown over the past few months. The public, as taxpayers, deserve to know what the situation is. This is all about taxpayers money, performance of management at the senior level, including department heads, as well of course the actions of every employee. People are hired to do certain jobs and the taxpayers should be assured, they are getting the services they are paying for. This pointing the finger at the CAO must be addressed and cleared up, in order for morale to be maintained. Secrecy in municipal councils, always leave a dark cloud over everyone.

David Griffin


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