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LETTER: Municipal expense actions prompt questions

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Regulations regarding our P.E.I.’s new Municipal Government Act should be explained in full to the public. I see where the City of Charlottetown released election expenses, while the City of Summerside has no yet released theirs.

One would believe government legislation would apply to all municipalities on P.E.I. I recently read where CAO Bob Ashley made a public statement that the City of Summerside will not be releasing its expenses. I don't recall what his reasoning was other than he sounded like a pretty weak excuse. One would think Minister Richard Brown, knowing this is the case, would take action, making all municipalities follow the legislation. What would make the City of Summerside think it is above the law? Would they be trying to hide something? When legislation is enacted in any province the law applies to everyone. Maybe the City of Summerside needs to again be exposed for such conduct or remove the provision within the legislation, directing all municipalities to produce documented election expenses. Seems only fair. Residents will be waiting for a response from Minister Richard Brown concerning this matter.

David Griffin,

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