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LETTER: Looking for full disclosure

Port of Summerside.
Port of Summerside. - Desiree Anstey

I have read a news release by Terry Murphy, dated Sept. 19, 2017, naming the new officers of the Summerside Port Corporation, which now includes Terry Murphy as president and chair of the board; Jim Bradley, vice-president; and Steve MacFarlane is secretary/treasurer. Other directors are Earl Smith, John MacDonald, Robert Ashley, our city's CAO; and Ivan Noonan.

Arnold Croken is the port CEO.

The corporation submits an audited certification to the federal government on an annual basis to confirm that the funds received by the corporation from the federal government continue to be used for the intended purpose of the port transfer, which became effective on Feb. 19, 2010. The corporation continues to work towards self-sustainability prior to the end of its 25-year funding agreement.

Who does this certification audit?

Is this the funding former federal fisheries minister Gail Shea allotted to Summerside for port upgrades? What exactly has the money been spent on to date, including how much money was allotted and how much is remaining?

A full disclosure of this 25-year agreement should be made public. Taxpayers have every right to this disclosure.

David Griffin,


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