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LETTER: Islanders need to help in toll fight

Odarka Farrell has a great eye for photography and shares this unique view of the Confederation Bridge.
- Contributed/ Odarka Farrell

I was so happy to see the article recently in the Journal Pioneer reporting on Senator Percy Downe's continued flight against the toll on the Confederation Bridge. I was afraid it had been abandoned.

I think it's time we got behind him and showed some more support for his efforts. After this letter, I am going to contact his office and see how I can help. I think if the whole province got behind him and showed interest it might push the federal government into finally correcting this problem.

I love this province and don't leave often so the money isn't really an issue for me, but I think about the people who need to cross the bridge to seek medical assistance. In B.C. where some people need to use the ferry system to get to medical treatments, etc. the charge is waived. This is a huge financial relief and I was surprised that here on P.E.I. it did not offer the same compensation. I think about people who can't visit family and friends off the island because of the added cost. At the very least, fare should be reduced. Tourism would surely feel an increase if tourists weren't required to pay a "ransom" to leave the island. In the same newspaper on the front page another $1 million to upgrade facilities in Slemon Park and there's always more funds available for the Province House renovations. So let’s see if we can't put our support behind the senator. I ask the senator to tell us what we can do to help him get Mr. Trudeau to live up to his commitment to see that all Canadians are free to travel "efficiently and openly across this country."

Christel Rubisch,

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