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LETTER: Fast food options more pervasive


I was struck by a full-page advertisement in The Guardian last weekend featuring nothing else but what we call junk food. That got me to thinking about how pervasive fast food has come to be in our dietary choices.  

Although we are constantly urged to make healthier choices, it seems that things like potato chips, chocolate bars, soft drinks, etc. are still major sellers.
Just look at the shelves in grocery stores. There are entire rows stocked with different brands of these items. And that is to say nothing of other fast food items in the frozen food section, or stocked high on bins competing for our attention.
Of course, we must include restaurants here too, especially the fast food type that thrive on our endless appetite for such convenient and relatively inexpensive fare. Most of these products contain high levels of saturated fat, sodium and sugar. As we have learned, the consequences of over consumption of such choices can lead to obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other ailments.
But do we really care? Doesn’t seem much like it. In any case we have a good health care system that will look after us when we get sick, don’t we? Ah, the power of advertising (and convenience).

David MacCallum,

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