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LETTER: External audit needed

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I have read with interest the situation with Murray Harbour Village Council sorting through the alleged mishandling of $67,000 of the town’s money.

Some are demanding an external audit. Two Grant Thornton accountants used past audits to give an overview of the town's cash flow, saying there was no evidence of illegally mishandling funds, but could not absolutely guarantee that no fraud took place. The citizens are asking for an external audit to be done, by someone other than Grant Thornton.

My concern is that Summerside City Council was approached a few years ago, by former councillor John Perry, requesting the city to have a forensic audit. Council at the time pretended they did not know what a forensic audit was. Since that time we had a failed $3 million dollar concert, a redacted Hopping Report, resulting in no accountability of anyone involved. Now, we have the old Co-Op building purchase, a golf course deal with the new resort owner, as well money for the Summerside Western Capitals hockey club, all involving taxpayers’ money and with no release of information to the taxpayers of this city, as to what these deals actually cost us, the taxpayer.

Recently, I requested information from council about their raises and, to date, have not received a response. The big question here is, what can possible be the reasons why these issues are not full disclosed to the electorate? It’s our money they are using. If there is nothing to hide, than why not tell us. Personally, I think the citizens of Summerside desperately require a full forensic audit from an outside accounting firm.  Such a review would show us exactly where our infrastructure money is being spent, as well as every cent of our taxes. The people of Summerside should demand this openness and accountability by our elected officials. It would be money well spent.


David Griffin


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