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LETTER: Explanation needed on port authority mandate

['Letter to the editor']
['Letter to the editor']

The taxpayers of Summerside deserve an explanation on the mandate of our Port Authority.

Who actually owns this corporation and what is its mandate?

I do remember former federal cabinet minister Gail Shea giving the corporation about $30 million for port upgrades. Many believed this money was allocated for work to be completed to upgrade our harbour with the goal of having cruise ships and larger vessels visit the port.

Having said that, on another topic regarding the Port Authority, it appears it did not have some of the proper permits to build the building that will house the new Dixie Lee restaurant. The restaurant is apparently leasing it from the authority. Is this option open to all business and contractors? Who actually collects this lease money and where does it go? Who pays the taxes on this new location?

No comment by the Port Authority, after a bylaw violation pertaining to building permits, is questionable. Every one in Summerside building a property is well aware of the regulations. How could this building be 3/4 completed with no permits?

Looking forward to full disclosure.

David Griffin,


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