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LETTER: Electric revenues need to stay put

['Letter to the editor']
['Letter to the editor']

The people of Summerside have to invest money into the city's electric utility if we want to maintain our own electric company.

I want the city to change what it does with the revenues from Summerside Electric. I want the city to invest in the electric company first, before revenues are placed into general revenues.

I was not happy with the city, which robbed Peter to pay Paul when they transferred money to pay the losses at the Credit Union Place instead of purchasing 600 electric poles. The city raised electric rates to pay for the electric poles, having the taxpayers pay twice. The original rate plus the increase.

Having revenues from the city's electric company dedicated to pay for upgrades in equipment will help pay the $4.3 million that will be voted on by city council. Instead of going to city hall in the fall for my budget proposal I rather write a letter to the editor. This means the City of Summerside will have to address other budgets items to bring in a balanced budget.

John W.A. Curtis,


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