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LETTER: Concerned with lack of support for Old Home Week

['letter to the editor']
['letter to the editor']

The Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island (TIAPEI) is concerned with the lack of support that the Old Home Week organizers are receiving.

It was recently reported that organizers have decided to suspend the 2017 edition of Old Home Week pending sufficient support from all partners.

Old Home Week is a long-standing event and tradition that brings thousands of visitors each year to Prince Edward Island. The economic impact this event has for the tourism industry is huge.

Old Home Week holds a special place in many Islander’s and visitors hearts. To lose an iconic event such as this would be a loss and have a significant impact to the tourism industry of Prince Edward Island.

From a tourism perspective, 129 years of families planning vacations on P.E.I. around Old Home Week must not be ignored.

Tourism is a vital industry in Prince Edward Island that provides 7,700 full-time equivalent jobs for Islanders. It accounts for approximately $430 million in economic activity each year and 6.3 per cent of GDP, the highest percentage of any Canadian province.

Robert Jourdain,

President of TIAPEI

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