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LETTER: City owes you nothing more

['letter to the editor']
['letter to the editor']

As a local millennial, I cannot count the amount of times I have heard a peer refer to our town as "Scummerside."

The chief complaint behind the dissatisfaction is that there is nothing to do, and that the city doesn't care enough about young people.

This is completely untrue.

Considering the size, Summerside is able to offer one of the largest sport and entertainment complexes in the Maritimes, a 6.5 km boardwalk, a vibrant farmer's market and a new public library, in addition to dozens of unique small businesses.

If you think the city owes you more, you may have unrealistic expectations of what a municipality's role is. This is not Disney World, and their job is not to make sure you are over stimulated with entertainment. Rather than being bored, consider using your time and talents to volunteer or open your own business, ultimately making this a better place for everyone.

Start by connecting with MLAs, councillors, or members of the Chamber of Commerce and you will be surprised at how welcoming and supportive they are of youth. The reality is that the bulk of our population is aging, and it’s our responsibility as young people to step up and assume leadership roles within the community.

If getting directly involved is not something you are comfortable with, at the very least consider supporting the people and places our city has to offer with a more open mind; you might just find that it’s not so bad.

Nicole Gallant


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