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LETTER: Blustery roads need attention

I would like to acknowledge Mark Craig of North Tryon Crossroad for his efforts in clearing a track on the North Tryon Crossroad to the TransCanada Highway on Feb. 17. There are a number of businesses and professions associated with the Crossroad, including farms and marketing, a nurse, a lawyer, a CEO of a major company, etc.

As a result of Mr. Craig opening the road, a large number of employees were able to attend from the TransCanada Highway up to the North Tryon Crossroad to work. Also, there are a vast number of employees of businesses that need to receive supervision and instructions of companies whose bosses need to attend work from the North Tryon Crossroad so not everything is shut down.

I have already previously driven up the North Tryon Crossroad after a prior storm, with my four-wheel drive truck, as did a CEO of a major company, barely making it through to the TransCanada, but this is no longer possible due to the number of storms and the amount of snow we now have. Also, it is now much more difficult to drive out of my laneway as our snow removal company cannot get up the road in the early morning if it is not plowed.

Hats off to Mark Craig from the private sector for stepping up to the plate to help make our province a more viable and active farm and business community.

- Bloyce V. McLellan,

North Tryon Crossroad, PE

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