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I watched with considerable interest the Liberal Government's Press Conference and read the articles addressing issues of motorcycle gangs on Prince Edward Island.

Flanked by the city's finest, the RCMP, the mayor, opposition parties, and many other high-level community leaders supporting our fearless leader's efforts to wipe out crime on P.E.I. Premier MacLauchlan addressed the issue of the Hell's Angels setting up shop on our gentle Island. This moved me to ponder the question: "How many people experience motorcycle gang violence in Canada, Atlantic Canada and the Island itself?"

Frankly, I could not find a number, and while I support all attempts to keep Islanders safe, I have to wonder about the real reason for this show of force. With an eight, oh wait, $23-million Bell Aliant contract, $17 million dollars in loan write-offs, the e-gaming scandal and its soon-to-come $50-million dollar lawsuit by CMT, sweetheart golf course sales, the debacle that was the PR plebiscite, amalgamation, 1,600 jobs lost in one calendar year, the disastrous school-closure plan, the continued disgraceful conditions of our public manors, and, of course, the $60-million dollar carbon tax that will burden each and every Islander; some might consider that the Premier was using the old bait and switch, or any means necessary to change the focus of interest concerning the actions of his government.

I did, however, find some numbers concerning people who die of poverty in Canada each year. That number, Mr. Premier, is 40,000. Income inequality kills 110 people every day in Canada. One in five Canadians faces the reality of choosing between food and medications; many others face a choice between eating or paying the heat bill. Considering the fact that 25 per cent of Islanders live with food insecurity, and one in six children go to school hungry; shouldn't the issue of poverty be a priority for this government?

Mike Redmond,

Leader of the NDP,

Prince Edward Island  

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