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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Liberal farce

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

What a way to end this sitting of the P.E.I. legislature with the speaker ordering Green Party Leader Bevan-Baker removed for using the word “farce.” Liberal MLA Richard Brown took strong issue with the use of this word. The word “farce” has been used in the P.E.I. legislature on numerous occasions through the years without any repercussions. This incident reinforces the fact that the Liberals and Conservatives are paranoid of how the voters are embracing the Greens and change and they will use any sleazy method to discredit the Greens.

One dictionary’s description of “farce is, “if you describe a situation or event as a farce, you mean that it is so disgusting or ridiculous that you cannot take it seriously.” An example - The P.E.I. Liberal-controlled committees have been reduced to a farce.

After the Privacy Commissioner said a leak of information by the Liberal party during the 2011 election was a violation, she said leaks of government information to the media are an age-old activity.” Such leaks take on a much more serious tone when they involve the disclosure of personal information. The MacLauchlan government wasted no time in accepting her recommendations. In a news release government noted the offence occurred six years ago and the key players are not part of the current administration. Government further stated it is committed to protecting the personal information of Islanders, pointing to recent improvements in freedom of information rules which resulted from concerns raised in the Auditor General’s investigation into e-gaming.

Recently Conservatives and Liberals were whispering in a reporter’s ear about the newly elected Green Party MLA’s financial woes. Two unmarked brown envelopes also showed up on the reporter’s desk with photocopies of personal info on the Green party MLA.

Take a deep breath and count to 10 Mr. Premier, as your released statement about protecting personal information is nothing but a “FARCE”.

Gary A O MacKay,

Birch Hill,

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