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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Prime Minister should also apologize to seniors

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I think Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has done the right thing by apologizing for LGBT discrimination by federal agencies and to my understanding other groups as well.

In my opinion these things shouldn’t have happened in the first place. We’re not to judge.

However, while our Prime Minister is in business of apologizing, maybe he should apologize to the seniors in this country; seniors who are over 65 years old and getting between $800 and $900 hundred a month to live on. I think it’s also a form of discrimination.

Please do the right thing for this group of seniors Mr. Trudeau so they can live out their final years in dignity instead of poverty. This group of seniors deserves that amount each month to live out their retirement years in dignity.

This would be a great time to treat these seniors with respect at a time when other groups it appears are going to get millions and billions of dollars. Why not these seniors too?

If you agree, write your Prime Minister or phone or write your Member of Parliament and demand justice for seniors.

Lloyd W. Pickering,


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