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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Heckling unacceptable

Last Thursday evening my MLA, Peter Bevan-Baker, gave his response to the Speech from the Throne in the P.E.I. Legislature.

It was well-researched and critical of the performance thus far of the Liberal government’s performance in comparison to campaign promises. In other words, he was doing his job.

Throughout his impassioned discourse he was heckled repeatedly by the Liberal caucus. Even the youngest child knows it is disrespectful when someone has the floor to speak at all, let alone heckle. We teach our children that bullying is unacceptable. What kind of message does this behavior send to those who witness it?

Any given day one can witness our elected officials openly mocking their fellow MLAs. Speaker Buck Watts has been holding MLAs to account in other areas. It is high time he encouraged the members of the legislature to follow Peter Bevan-Baker’s lead and put an end to this juvenile and unprofessional behavior.

Joan Diamond,

New Dominion

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