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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Clarity needed

Family and Human Resources Minister Minister Tina Mundy should clarify the seniors program she spoke about during the Legislature session last week.

She was challenged by Progressive Conservative members, saying this new program was actually five years in the making. Is this true?

I did hear in the session that new federal money will allow 30 seniors units in Charlottetown and 20 seniors units in Summerside to be constructed. I also heard, the waiting list for seniors is app 685. Are these facts true?

The residents of District 21 deserve a full explanation of this program. How much money did the federal government allot to what department and for how many years?

Just simply looking at these numbers raises a red flag, as to what government has been doing over the past five years. I as many residents of District 21 will wait for a complete disclosure about this program. At the time of this crisis, we have the old manor and the old vocational school both vacant on the same street.

David Griffin,


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