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LETTER: Agriculture minister should be trying to save the dairy jobs

The United States has lit the fuse on one of Canada's most politically explosive trade issues, asking in NAFTA talks for an end to the supply management system for dairy, chicken, eggs and turkey within the next decade. The Guardian/123rf
Dairy cows.

Lawrence MacAulay, MP for Cardigan and federal minister of Agriculture, should not give away any more of the dairy industry with the NAFTA negotiations. His government has done enough damage to our $20-billion industry and Canada needs the real jobs it provides.

A competent federal Agriculture minister would not trade off one agriculture sector against another one.

I have been told by beef and hog farmers that the expected trade gains are not going to be worth what was given away. They don't think there will be any benefit to them. They will just be expected to do more for less money. They do not want to see our dairy system eroded.

It’s a great system and we all know it out in the field.

So basically, MacAulay’s trade deals have given away thousands of dairy cows and the jobs that come with them for a handful of magic beans.

Please stop giving away our hard-earned industry

Ranald MacFarlane

Fernwood, P.E.I.

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