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Homeless crashing in San Francisco's airport as crisis escalates

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San Francisco has gone from the “city by the bay” to the city with no place to lay.

The homeless crisis that has exploded in the wake of sky-high rents has forced some to crash at the city’s airport.

It’s just the latest dilemma to pummel Frisco as tech entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley technocrats have made the city completely unaffordable.

First, it was the poo patrol who were hired to pick up the mountain of [literally] crap deposited on the city’s sidewalks.

Next, the obliteration of the service industry because low-paid cooks and waiters can no longer afford to live there.

Now, officials at San Francisco International Airport claim they are seeing a surge of homeless people taking refuge there.

Most arrive on rapid transit in the middle of the night, airport spokesman Doug Yagel told KTVU

During the past two years, official contacts with homeless people at the airport have tripled, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

In February, there were about 40 calls a day compared with just 12 in March 2017.

While the airport is empty when the army of the unfortunate arrives, the authority has safety and security concerns regarding its “guests”.

“We might, if they’re eligible, transport them to a nearby homeless shelter, if BART is still running we can give them a token to a BART train,” Yagel said, adding “ultimately we want to develop advocacy that finds the proper channels for these individuals.”

Armando Sandoval, the BART police crisis intervention team coordinator, said his team typically finds people at the end of the line often asleep.

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