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Video of TOSH fight uploaded to YouTube, suspensions handed out at Summerside school

A screenshot of a video depicting a fight at TOSH in Summerside.
A screenshot of a video depicting a fight at TOSH in Summerside. - Screenshot

Staff and students at Three Oaks Senior High School (TOSH) in Summerside are dealing with the aftermath of a hallway fight, which was captured on video and uploaded online.

The incident happened on Monday.

The clip, which is only 30 seconds long, shows one student flipping over a desk, grabbing a chair and walking off screen with it before the camera pans to show a handful of students starting to shove each other and throw punches. At one point, a second chair is thrown at a student on screen.

Teachers and other students quickly separated the fighters.

TOSH principal Jeff Clow said no one was seriously injured in the incident. He added that the school is dealing with the situation through its own internal processes and have reported it to Summerside Police Services, which is investigating.

Suspensions have been dealt out as a result of the fight, said Clow. 

“We’re dealing with it in a way we believe is going to send some messages out there – that it’s obviously not appropriate and not what this school community is about,” he said.

He added that it’s unfortunate when these incidents are posted online as it tends to exacerbate the situation.  

Students are not permitted to use their smartphone’s recording capabilities, without permission, on school property.

“That’s something we discourage. But when it gets out, it kind of takes off by itself (on social media) and it’s not always conducive to a school learning environment,” he said.  

A Summerside Police Services representative said they were not in a position to comment on the situation today, but indicated more information may be available Thursday.


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