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UPDATE: Summerside running on generators after winter storm

Downed trees are causing issues for Islanders and utilities.
Downed trees cause issues for Islanders and utilities Thursday. - Alison Jenkins

Thursday's weather causes outages city, province wide

SUMMERSIDE, P.E.I. - Power was out around Summerside for most of Thursday while issues with the main transmission line from New Brunswick were resolved.

Pauline Dicy, the city's municipal services coordinator, said generators were online and providing power to sections of the city for about 90 minutes at a time. 

“It’s a tricky situation,” she said. “Mainly, it’s get your home warm and some warm food into your system and prepare.”

Around 5 p.m., Dicy said the team is still "working tirelessly, doing the equations" and that nine out of 11 sections of the city got some power during the day. 

But some people haven't electricity at all.

"We appreciate what our customers are going through and we're glad we have their understanding and patience," she said.

Dicy will hear the latest information from Maritime Electric within the next hour. She's hoping she'll find out when the power will be back on in Summerside.

Maritime Electric's spokesperson Kim Griffin issued a video statement around 4 p.m. to update the public.

The utility began the on-Island protocol after they lost a main transmission line from Memramcook, N.B. earlier today. They are using the generators to systematially restore power to the province this evening.

"This is not instant, it's not like you turn on a switch and are able to turn the power back on immediately," said Griffin.

At the same time, 40 crews have been at work all day and will remain at work until the power is restotred, she said.

"Our initial assessment is there is no major damage on our system," she said.

Anyone in Summerside who needs more information can call the Summerside utility at 902-432-1268.

The Maritime Electric Contact Centre will stay open all night as well at 1-800-670-1012.

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