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Summerside realigning intersection of South Drive and Notre Dame Street

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SUMMERSIDE – The City of Summerside is looking to clear up one of its more dicey intersections.

The city has issued a request for tenders for a company to realign the Y where South Drive meets the western part of Water Street.

Aaron MacDonald, director of technical services, said the project has been on the city’s books for a while and should make the intersection safer for motorists and pedestrians when it’s done.

The plans call for the disconnection of South Drive where it exits onto Notre Dame Street and a turning circle added to give adjacent homes access to the road.

A small new connector road will be added connecting South Drive (which becomes Water Street near there) and Notre Dame Street. The new connector will be adjacent to the marine range light and Community Connections. The changes will allow 90-degree access between the two roads.

A new left turning lane will also be added to South Drive/Water Street.

It is still unclear as to when the realignment work will start as the city has left its timetable open ended. The successful bidder will fit the work

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