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Summerside opens newly renovated Leger Park

With a ceremonial swipe of the motion-activated sensor, Summerside’s new Splash Park sprang to life Wednesday afternoon.

Several dozen children immediately shot into the water like they’d been spring-loaded to do so, while a large crowd of parents and guardians watched and waited.

It was all part of the grand reopening of the city’s Leger Park, which has been undergoing a  $160,000 renovation that included the addition of new playground equipment, splash pad, canteen and cement pathways.

In their initial reviews, young brothers Jackson and Jordan Bourgeois gave the new park features four wet thumbs up.

“I’d say it’s fun for family members and kids – they have fun stuff. Cuz people can come here and have quality time with family members, play with, like, people from across,” mused Jordan. 

Jackson was all about the water features that he could turn to shoot at people.

Their dad, Neil Bourgeois, said his sons have always enjoyed going to Leger Park, and he applauded the addition of the water park features.

“Kudos to the city,” said Bourgeois.

“The kids enjoy it, as you can see here today everyone is cooling off in the hot heat,” he said.  

Brittany Clow brought her family of three young children way from O’Leary to participate in the opening of the park.

She said it was great to have a free activity to share with her children for the day.

“It means a lot, especially for people who can’t just go out with multiple children like myself. I have three children, it’s hard to just go out and do anything, especially because I have a new baby. So to go anywhere outdoors where there is shade is appreciated,” she said.

During the brief opening ceremony, Summerside Mayor Bill Martin thanked all the city staff who worked on the project and got a round of applause for them. He helped turn on the water features for the first time, along with community services director JP Desrosiers and his daughter Maria.

Martin also said he was impressed with how the park turned out and the large turnout of families who came to take advantage of it.

“It’s fantastic. The only tragedy is that we didn’t have it a month ago. Can you imagine this in that heat?”


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