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School zone signs installed near crash site in Ebenezer

All Charlottetown schools - private or public- will get the same signage.
School zone

School zone signs have been installed near Ebenezer where a child was seriously injured when a car collided with a horse and buggy last month.

A spokeswoman with the province’s transportation department says the signs were installed after a local resident informed the department that a new Mennonite school has started in the area.

The school is located on Route 224 east of the Parker Cross Road.

An 11-year-old child was airlifted to a hospital in Halifax following the highway accident on Dec. 17. The boy remains in hospital at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax.

Police reported at the time that both the buggy and car were travelling east and were on the downside of a hill, when it appears the car hit the back of the buggy.

Cynthia Kennedy says she and other local residents felt motorists were travelling too fast along the stretch of road in question near the school.

“We always thought this was an accident waiting to happen,’’ she says.


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