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'You screwed up big time,' judge tells P.E.I. teens who wrote off stolen truck while drunk

Rosemary Llewellyn appeared before Chief Judge Nancy Orr in provincial court in Georgetown where she pleaded guilty to what was referred to as failing to hail.
Two teens will be on probation for two years after getting drunk and stealing a truck, then crashing it. - SaltWire Network

Two teens who were drunk when they stole a truck and crashed it were both given two years of probation recently.

The teens, who appeared before Chief Judge Nancy Orr in youth court in Georgetown and can’t be identified because of their age, both pleaded guilty to the theft.

Reading the agreed statement of facts, Crown attorney Nathan Beck told the court both teens were drinking together when they decided to go looking for a vehicle that they said they planned to take for a joyride and then return.

They found a truck that had the keys inside and took turns driving it.

While one of the teens was driving he lost control and crashed the truck.

Beck said the teens were lucky to escape with no major injuries given the damage to the truck, which was a total writeoff.

The court heard the company that insured the vehicle was out $34,077.34.

Beck told the court the youngest teen described himself as having been in a “blackout” state on the day of the offence.


Orr told the teen he was lucky to be around to deal with the charge.

She also said he seemed to recognize that he made a serious mistake.

“You screwed up big time. Very big time,” she said.

Orr told the second teen that looking at pictures of the collision she wondered how the two of them got out.

“It’s just unreal,” she said.

Along with the probation, both teens must perform 100 hours of community service and they are banned from having any contact with each other unless they have permission from their youth workers.

The teens must also write apology letters to the victim, although in the youngest teen’s case, the court heard he wanted to apologize in person and has saved about $550 from working to put toward restitution.

Orr ordered both teens to each pay $5,000 in restitution to the insurance company, saying she recognized the full amount wasn’t realistic given their ages.
Neither of the teens will be allowed to operate any motor vehicle during their probation.

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