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Worker at P.E.I. Kensington Co-Op Feed Mill injured in workplace incident

A man was injured in a workplace incident in Kensington Friday.
A man was injured in a workplace incident in Kensington Friday. - 123RF Stock Photo

A worker at the Kensington Co-op Feed Mill was injured late last week in a workplace accident. 

Emergency crews, including the Kensington Fire Department, responded to the scene of the incident around 9:50 a.m. Friday, Aug. 23, where they found the individual lying on the floor with an injured leg, said Deputy Fire Chief Alan MacLeod. 

"We helped EMS at the scene. It was initially thought he had fallen right into the equipment but he hadn't. But they did get caught up in it."

MacLeod said there was not much involvement by the department at the scene, but had the individual been stuck in the feed mixer they would have had a different kind of job. 

When contacted Monday by the Journal Pioneer, a worker at the Co-Op could not speak to the incident and said the owner and manager would not be in the store for the remainder of the week. 

MacLeod said the investigation into the incident is now in the hands of provincial labour officials. 

The Journal Pioneer was unable to reach a representative from the province for comment and an update on the injured worker's condition. 

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