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Whiteouts on the way: Storm expected to bring up to 30 cm of snow, high winds to P.E.I.

["Whiteouts were the order of Sunday, whether along Summerside's waterfront streets or out on rural highways. RCMP closed highways as the day wore on due to whiteouts and inablity to clear accidents."]
Whiteouts could be the story of the day Wednesday on P.E.I., says SaltWire Network meteorologist Cindy Day. - File

Light, dry snow from a winter storm will cause whiteout conditions and blowing snow throughout P.E.I. today, says SaltWire meteorologist Cindy Day.

A winter storm warning has been issued for the province., with the storm expected to hit the province around 5 to 6 a.m.

SaltWire meteorologist Cindy Day
SaltWire meteorologist Cindy Day

Day said it appears the snow will not stop for much of the day. About 20 to 25 cm of precipitation is expected for central and eastern areas and up to 30 cm in western P.E.I.

“It’s going to snow pretty much straight through until probably 4 (p.m.),” said Day, adding that the cold temperatures will cause a dry, light snow.

She said that snow will then be picked up by the wind, which is expected to reach speeds around 70 km/h by mid-afternoon. Day noted the province is not under a snowfall warning, but rather a winter storm warning because of the conditions expected from the mix of wind and snow.

“The wind is a big part of this storm. (There will) certainly be blowing snow, but in open areas there will be whiteout conditions” -Cindy Day

The weather will also create some hazardous driving conditions, with motorists being asked to consider postponing non-essential travel until conditions improve.

“The wind is a big part of this storm,” said Day. “(There will) certainly be blowing snow, but in open areas there will be whiteout conditions”

Day said while temperatures will increase enough in central and eastern areas to cause a mix of snow and ice pellets in the afternoon, Day said there will be no changeover to rain.

“It’s going to stay cold,” she said.

Day said the storm won’t linger on P.E.I.

While a few flurries will linger, conditions are expected to calm down around 6 to 7 p.m.

Temperatures will remain cold Thursday before starting to warm up Friday, with some rain even expected in the province Saturday morning.

Day said temperatures will then cool down again for the start of the week.

“We’ll go from shovels, to rain slickers and back to winter coats,” said Day.

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