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Visitor precautions lifted at some P.E.I. health facilities, but remain in place at others

Kings County Memorial Hospital
Visitor precautions remain in place at Montague's Kings County Memorial Hospital, as well as at Beach Grove Home in Charlottetown as of Feb. 4. - File

Health P.E.I. has lifted visitor precautions on Unit 8 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and at Sherwood Home.

Kings County Memorial Hospital in Montague, however, continues to limit visitation to no more than two visitors at a time for no longer than an hour at a time as several patients are experiencing influenza-like illness. The precuations were put into place Jan. 29. 

Several residents at Charlottetown’s Beach Grove Home continue to experience symptoms of gastro-intestinal illness, so visitors are asked to stay home if they are feeling unwell to prevent the further spread of illness to residents.

The restrictions at QEH, Sherwood Home and Beach Grove Home were initially put into place Jan. 25. 

he situation will be reassessed Wednesday, Feb. 6 as more information becomes available and a further update will be provided at that time.


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