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Trial delayed for Summerside man accused of sending explicit photos to undercover RCMP officer

Summerside provincial court house -File Photo
Summerside provincial courthouse - File

The jury observing the trial of Stephen Robert Blood has been dismissed until Thursday, Feb. 7.

Tuesday was the second day of Blood’s Supreme Court Trial at the Summerside courthouse.

It is alleged that the 32-year-old sent sexually explicit photos of himself to someone he believed was a 15-year-old girl he met on the website Craigslist, but who was actually an undercover RCMP agent.

He’s facing one count of making sexually explicit material available to someone under the age of 16, or whom he believes to be under 16, for the purpose of invitation for sexual touching.

The 12 jurors entered the courtroom as scheduled at 9:30 a.m., only to be told they would have to leave again while the court held what is called a voir dire – a mini trial within a trial to decide on the admissibility of specific evidence.

The Journal Pioneer cannot report on anything discussed during the voir dire.

Also, a publication ban has been placed on this case which prevents anyone from reporting on what transpires in the courtroom while the jury is not present. For that reason, the Journal Pioneer cannot provide any information as to why the jury was dismissed until Thursday afternoon.

There is also a publication ban on any information that could identify any members of the jury.

Before she allowed the 12 jurors to leave, Chief Justice Tracey Clements stressed to them the importance of holding to their oaths regarding this case and that they should not discuss the proceedings with anyone and refrain from accessing traditional media or social media.


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