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Suspended sentence for P.E.I. man who defrauded credit union

A Hilden woman was defrauded of $15,000 after she received phone calls from a man who told her he was working with a bank and the RCMP and needed her help to catch stealing employees. - 123RF
A Long River man was charged with defrauding a P.E.I. credit union. - 123RF

A 32-year-old Long River man was in Summerside provincial court recently on fraud charges.

Darick Steven Tapp pleaded guilty to one count of failing to appear in court as required by a judge and two counts of defrauding the Malpeque Bay Credit Union of money not exceeding $5,000.

The fraud charges are from April 7 in Kensington, while the failure to appear charge is from June 6 in Summerside.

Tapp received a suspended sentence, must serve 18 months of probation and was fined $400.

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