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Summerside Ward 8 recount completed, Carrie Adams remains winner

Decision '18
Decision '18 - Contributed

SUMMERSIDE, P.E.I. - Carrie Adams gets to stay as the new councillor for Summerside's Ward 8: Wilmot.

Carrie Adams
Carrie Adams

A difference of only five votes between Adams and incumbent councillor Tyler Desroches after Monday night's election triggered an automatic recount. That was started Wednesday at 4 p.m. and completed in a little more than an hour. No ballots changed in either direction and Monday night's count was affirmed.

According to Elections P.E.I.’s election night results, newcomer Adams defeated Desroches by a count of 456 to 451.

According to the province’s new Municipal Election’s Act, anytime there is a difference of less than ten votes between the winning candidate and their next closest rival, an automatic recount must take place within seven days.

If there is a difference of 15 votes or less than a recount can be requested by either of the candidates or the returning officer, but it is not automatic.

P.E.I. Chief Electoral Officer Tim Garrity said Tuesday morning that Summerside’s Ward 8 is the only race amongst the four largest municipalities that qualified for a recount.


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