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Summerside man killed in Dec. 21 vehicle-pedestrian collision to be memorialized

Summerside Police and RCMP investigate the scene of a fatal accident on Water Street in Summerside Friday morning.
Angus MacDonald was struck and killed by a truck on this section of Water Street in Summerside on Dec. 21, 2018.

SUMMERSIDE, P.E.I. - Plans are moving forward to commemorate two brothers who had become fixtures in Summerside.

Angus and Donald MacDonald were a familiar sight to anyone who frequented the city’s downtown. But, Angus, 69, was struck by a truck and killed on Dec. 21, 2018, as he was crossing Water Street near Tim Hortons.

Most days, the pair could be found sitting together on benches along Water Street, listening to the radio, and chatting with passersby. They did this so often and for so long they became part of the scenery.  

“They were part of downtown Summerside,” said Robert Gallant, president of Downtown Summerside Inc.

Gallant’s organization hopes to do something to memorialize Angus and, by extension, his brother.  

They are not sure yet what form that memorial will take, but they have been in contact with the MacDonald family, which is supportive of the idea.

The City of Summerside is also behind the project. Deputy Mayor Norma McColeman mentioned it during the Monday, Jan. 21 council meeting.

“I do want to thank Lydia (Potter) and Robert and all of the board members of the Downtown Summerside group for your leadership in taking this on and making sure that Angus is remembered,” said McColeman.

Gallant said the Downtown Summerside board will discuss the project at an upcoming meeting and collaborate with the MacDonald family as to how best to handle the commemoration.


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