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Summerside bylaw gets an update to allow for narrow residential lots

Summerside city hall.
Summerside city hall. - Alison Jenkins

A new type of residential zone was introduced to Summerside city council on Tuesday night.

Council read the updated Summerside Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw at special meeting March 19.

The committee made some minor updates to the language that were recommended by the province and the planning committee.

The city also took the opportunity to create a new type of zone, Medium Density Narrow Lot Residential R3r Zone.

The purpose of the zone is to allow for narrow-lot developments.

Thane Jenkins, city planner, said it’s another option for developers.

“Other municipalities have small frontage lots and so we wanted to promote the principles of smart growth, reduce urban sprawl. There may be a market for smaller frontage lots now, and that option is there for developers if they wish to follow that option,” said Jenkins.

The city isn’t going to pre-zone any land in advance for R3r, developers would have to request it, said Jenkins.

The proposed Water’s Edge neighbourhood, now zoned Comprehensive Development, will have a subdivision of narrow single-family homes on the site of the old Heritage Trailer Park on one large lot.

“That spurred us on to give some thought to the potential. The option is there now (to subdivide),” said Jenkins.

A narrow frontage lot allows for a single-family dwelling and an accessory building. Any property zoned R3r “shall be required to install underground utility services,” said the proposed bylaw.

The updated bylaws were referred to the Planning Board for review and recommendation. The time for public input has passed and the bylaws could receive the final OK at the April council meeting.

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