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‘Sexual’ conversations costly for P.E.I. man

['Georgetown courthouse.']
Georgetown courthouse. ©THE GUARDIAN

Donald James Gormley, 21, pleaded guilty in provincial court in Charlottetown recently after having a lengthy Facetime conversation with a woman while he was prohibited from using the internet.

Gormley was previously sentenced in provincial court in Georgetown Feb. 9, 2017, for two charges of communicating for the purpose of obtaining the sexual services of someone younger than 18.

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He was sentenced to six months in jail and two years’ probation.

He was to refrain from accessing, possessing, owning or using any electronic device that could connect to the internet during his probation.

On Dec. 8, Gormley breached the terms of his probation by having a 157-minute FaceTime conversation with a woman.

He also had additional communication with the woman via Tinder, Snapchat and iMessage.

“The majority of the communications between Gormley and the female were flirtatious and of a sexual nature,” said Crown attorney Cyndria Wedge.

Gormley and the woman had plans to meet Dec. 11, but before meeting him the woman looked him up on Google and discovered he was a convicted sex offender. She learned he was on probation and was prohibited from using the internet.

She then blocked him on all social media applications and contacted police.

The police obtained all the various communications between them.

The court heard Gormley bought a new iPhone under someone else’s name Dec. 7.

Chief Judge Nancy Orr asked Gormley what part of the no “accessing, possessing, using or owning” an electronic device did he not understand.

“I’m not really sure, your honour,” said Gormley.

Gormley received 60 days in jail and must pay $200 to the victims of crime of fund.

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