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Sediment causes issue for Somerset Elementary well system

Students and staff of Somerset Elementary school will continue to use bottled water after it was discovered there was sediment in the school’s well system.

The Public Schools Branch (PSB) was notified on Dec. 6 about sand and sediment in the water.

Somerset Elementary posted a notice on their website alerting parents to the issue.

The PSB has supplied bottled water along with hand sanitizer for cleansing purposes.

John Cummings, the director of corporate services for the branch, says repairs were made to the well Wednesday evening, adding that a variety of issues could cause sand and sediment.

“We took some length off the casing of the well to see if that fixes the issue of sand coming up in the water. The well was also repaired in September, but that was not sediment related.”

Although the total cost for the repair is unknown, it will be funded by this year’s maintenance budget.

Cummings said the situation would be monitored until the problem is fixed.

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