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Relative appeals to thieves: ‘You have seriously impacted the health and well-being of an 88-year-old man’


Shattered security


An 88-year-old man from the West Prince area says he’s hoping police find the person responsible for breaking into his home and stealing from him.

The break occurred about a week before Christmas.

In a social media post this week, Brian Lecky, a relative of the victim, said the break-in has endangered the health and wellbeing of the man.

Lecky issued a plea for the individual or individuals responsible to “do the right thing” and return what was taken. He also asked anyone with information to contact him or the RCMP.

West Prince RCMP Cpl. Al Vincent confirmed the Mounties have an open investigation into a complaint of theft of money from a residence in the area.

“Hope they are caught! Terrible to happen to anyone but to take advantage of a sweet old man is worse,” wrote one person in response to the initial post.

The Journal Pioneer has contacted the individual who reported being robbed but is not disclosing the man’s name.

The victim said he is doing okay.

“I’ve had so many disappointments in my life, you get used to it,” he said, before adding: “I’d like to see them caught.”

Lecky who posted the request for information said it appears a panel was removed from the homeowner’s door to gain entry and then the panel was put back in, possibly in an attempt to conceal that illegal entry had occurred.

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