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Raccoon found near Miscouche tested for rabies and distemper

A raccoon perches in a tree outside Charlottetown city hall on May 20, 2015.
Raccoon outside city hall in Charlottetown. File photo.

A raccoon found recently in the North St. Eleanors area, near Miscouche, is being tested for rabies and distemper.

Samples from the animal have been sent to the Atlantic Veterinary College and results are expected in the coming weeks.

Both rabies and distemper are viral diseases that can cause aggressive and otherwise unusual behaviour in infected animals.

Raccoons believed to have distemper have been dubbed “zombies” by media in the U.S. recently. An outbreak of the condition has impacted animals in the Ohio community of Youngstown. Some animals there have been reported acting aggressively, walking on hind legs, baring their teeth, growling and periodically falling down comatose.

The raccoon recovered from North St. Eleanors was first reported to East Prince RCMP. A resident there reported seeing the animal just outside her house, pacing, growling and foaming at the mouth.

Police, working with provincial wildlife officials, removed and destroyed the animal.

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