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Pride P.E.I. tackles youth subjects

Pride in P.E.I.
Pride in P.E.I. - SaltWire Network

Pride P.E.I. is hosting a workshop today and Saturday to explore the issues and challenges LGBTQ2+ youth face and offer constructive ways to create change.

This youth forum will be open to students in Grades 7-12 and the educators, health professionals, adults and parents who are interested in LGBTQ2+ issues in schools and for youth on P.E.I.

There is a workshop for students from Grades 7-12 today at the Holiday Inn in Charlottetown.

The Saturday workshop will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the MacKinnon Lecture Theatre and rooms 20W, 21W, 25W, 28W at the Holland College Prince of Wales campus in Charlottetown.

The event is free, and lunch is provided.

Jeremy Diaz and Amanda Myerson from the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity will be participating.

Diaz will be doing a keynote address and hosting sessions in English and French on topics such as discrimination and lack if inclusion in sports for LGBTQ2+ youth and LGBTQ2+ resources for French students.

Myerson will be presenting sessions on how to create a better gender and sexuality group in schools and advocacy for youth.

P.E.I. presenters will be offering sessions on topics and trans issues on P.E.I., the drag scene on P.E.I., town hall hosted by Pride P.E.I. to listen to Island LGBTQ2 youth concerns and suggestions.

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